Innovative Personal Training

  • Currently offering a series of V-Cam sessions to get certified as a Personal Trainer! - Study Group
    Also, offering FREE V-Cam workouts, keep visiting as we frequently update our list.

INSTRUCTIONS Install Google+ on your phone, tablet, desktop or laptop. Select 'Menu/Find People' Search John Destacamento, (wearing blue shirt) add to your 'friends' circle. Besure to log into Google Plus before the session begins. We will send you an invitation.


Sweat Studio is the very first Efit Express facility. Our facility and trainers are equipped to provide:
  • One-on-One Video-cam personal training
  • Group Video-cam fitness training
  • HD quality stream up to 1080p
  • Multiple viewable angles
  • Mobility anywhere with 4G LTE or WiFi connectivity
V-Cam sessions are to supplement personal training program.
Personal training programs are most effective when you can frequently meet with your trainer 3 to 4 times per week. However, these days not many can afford a trainer at this frequency for a long period.

With the Efit Express V-Cam services, more clients can now afford to consult person to person with their trainer more frequently. Meet twice per week at the facility for personal training and twice via V-Cam. A short 20 minute V-Cam Session provides enough instructional consulting to get a client started with their workout for the day. Thereafter client can perform the remain workout on their own. Also no need to travel to a facility, all you need is sufficient space to exercise and some equipment!

V-Cam Personal Training Advantages

  • Maintains Accountability
  • More affordable than meeting 4 times per week.
  • Mobility, not necessarily needed to be at the gym.
  • Convenient, less travel time
V-Cam Session Prices
Sessions are 20 minutes each. 1 hour purchase minimum
  • 1 Hour (3 sess) - $30
  • 4 Hours (12 sess) - $115 (28.75/hr)
  • 10 Hours (30 sess) -$250 (25/hr)

Bandwidth Usage Cost Analysis
Question: If I decided to start v-cam personal training, how much bandwidth do I use and how much will it cost? Answer: On WiFi Xfinity or 4GLTE? Assuming that your 4G Verizon data plan costs $8 per gigabyte, and/or your Comcast Xfinity is costing you $59/mo for a 250GB limit, below are our estimated figures. Usage may vary depending on the type of equipment used.
    Live Video Stream 20 minutes
  • Xfinity HD 720p: $ 0.08
  • Xfinity 480p: $ 0.06
  • Verizon 4G LTE HD 720p: $1.58
  • Verizon 4G LTE Reg Quality: $ 0.76